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Article: Arrivederci (goodbye) Italy - WE LOVED YOU ❤️

Arrivederci (goodbye) Italy - WE LOVED YOU ❤️

Arrivederci (goodbye) Italy - WE LOVED YOU ❤️

Four years ago we made a pact. To start Romaria as a way to have fun, and ooooh boy, what a week we’ve had in glorious Italy.

We've partnered with Club Med who hosted our yearly reunion at their spectacular Cefalù resort in Sicily. The breakaway allowed Carla & myself precious time to reflect and reset. We've caught up over cocktails, gourmet Italian meals (did someone say Pistachio pizza?), long walks, seaside chats & cinematic views for days.

The words ‘we could get used to this’ were repeatedly uttered among us during our stay.

We were spoilt for choice; from superstar service, to scenic views, to multiple swimming pool options, multiple nooks to relax, multiple bars & restaurants to explore and let’s not even mention the food & drink variations. 🍸

We tried to soak it all in and we did well!

 Of course, 'work and play' is the name of our game. 😉

The resort was the beyond perfect location to document our new Romaria campaign alongside photographer turned dear friend, Joana Cordeiro Ferreira.

Here are a few of our favourite, memorable moments;

The phrase 'All you need is Romaria and a passport" became evident on this trip once again. Our knitwear pieces are easy to wear throughout all seasons and makes the best travel wear for any occasion; from an aeroplane, to a meditation sesh by the zen pool to a fancy Italian dinner.

The alignment between Club Med & Romaria became clear; the simple joy of sophistication, comfort and style and paired with friendly, humble service.

As first-time Club Med visitors, we were genuinely impressed, no jokes. We were three girls from three different generations, we went home with the happiest hearts and also a bit bummed that we couldn't stay longer.

The Club Med Cefalù resort is perched on top of a mountainous terrain with breathtaking views overlooking the bay of Cefalù town which we were in awe of every morning at (delicious) breakfast.

The town is a short drive from the resort and well worth the visit. The Club Med concierge gave us the best tips! The charming cobblestone streets surrounding the historic cathedral were packed with local ceramic shops, gelateria and restaurants, the perfect place to collect souvenirs and to learn more about Sicilian culture.

Our adventure-filled day ended on a high at an unexpectedly very fancy restaurant named Ristorante Ostaria Del Duomo facing the cathedral square. I had pistachio & prawn risotto with the best views and wonderful company. I wish I could pause that moment to be revisited.


You'll spot a few new items above, more on that later... 😉

For those who are not familiar with our story, Carla & I started Romaria four years ago in Johannesburg. Two years later, Carla moved back to her home-country, Portugal, with her family. We were faced with a challenge and a big decision to make; whether we should call Romaria a day or whether we should turn the challenge into an opportunity by expanding the business worldwide. Option two was the answer.

We didn’t grow up in the same country, we don't speak the same first language, our age gap exceeds 10 years, yet we understand each other - we believe in authenticity, feeling comfortable in your own skin and that clothing & getting dressed should be easy. ☺️

Every time we're reunited, I learn something new from Carla. She is incredibly inspirational without trying to be so at all. One of my many take-aways from this trip is;

"Never compare yourself with others. Always compare yourself with your previous self. Are you feeling better about yourself now compared to five or ten years ago? If not, then it's up to you whether you're going to do something about it."


We’re home again with the happiest hearts and we can’t wait to share more of our journey with you. ☺️




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